Visbella Epoxy AB Glue CLEAR + CLEAR

Visbella Epoxy AB Glue CLEAR + CLEAR

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Visbella® Epoxy(AB) Glue is a kind of double component room temperature fast curing sealant. It is widely used in machinery and equipment, auto parts, sports equipment, metal-tools and accessories, rigid-plastic or other emergency repair. Fast bonding and packing, after curing has excellent bonding strength, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof and water proof, oil-proof and dust-proof good performance, high heat and air- aging.


Can be tinted


High impact resistance

Will not shrink

Set in 5 minutes

Convenient syringe

Epoxy adhesives combine exceptional strength and durability, bonds trim and ornaments. Resistant to gasoline, anti-freeze and mostsolvents.


Epoxy Adhesive can be bond, repair, and patch almost any articles like metallic, glass, ceramic, china, wooden material, except nylon, silicone, fluorine, resin, soft PVC, rubber,

polyethylene and polypropylene. It can be used to repair electrical appliances, ceramic tiles, wooden, metallic, concrete, glass articles, household and DIY applications to bond crystal,

glass, jewelry.