Visbella 6671 Thread Locker 10ml-High Strength

Visbella 6671 Thread Locker 10ml-High Strength

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Visbella 6671 Thread Locker 50ml-High Strength

Visbella Anaerobic Sealant is designed for locking and sealing of screw thread. The product cures when confined in metal without air. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration. Anaerobic thread locker is mainly made of acrylate, curing agent, which have different viscosity and bonding strength requirements.


Wipe off any moisture, oil and dirt on the area to be treated. Shake well before using. Remove the cap. Apply a small amount to the required area/thread. Insert thread immediately to allow for thread locker to penetrate fully. After use,clean the nozzle before re-apply- ing the cap. Before replacing the cap, ensure airspace remains in the bottle to prevent liquid from harding.